Words That Are Hard To Say Sub Español Lyric

"Words That Are Hard To Say Sub Español" LYRICS

You don't have to go
I know I've told you before
I could never say it enough
And that's the whole point
We could drive back to Florida
My home forever and you know it's yours
Let's see where we land
Or head out to sea
Hit the waves and don't stop
And see where they take us
I was drawn to your light, now I don't even see it
I need you to find me

I said I'm sorry
But I wasn't sorry enough to give back what you gave me
I got to you fast, but not fast enough
I know the reason you're always afraid

A decade of love, laughter and movement
With just enough struggle keeps it interesting
Once in awhile I find that old fire
The same one that got us here, I'm so afraid to lose
I hope I land where you'll always be
A place with some magic
Let's see how far that takes us
You were my soul, now I can't even feel you
You said that you would find me

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