Anoushka Shankar – Rise Full Album Lyric

"Anoushka Shankar - Rise Full Album" LYRICS

[Verse I]
Be no bird and be polite,
Say goodbye and say hello.
Wait your turn, sit up proud
Go to bed now, sweet dreams

The song is dedicated to the plight of the refugees. Land of gold is "a place for safety and security for children" in Anoushka's own words. Be no bird and…
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Find the kind heart,
Rest your feet and soul.
May your kind heart
Find the land of gold.

[Verse II]
Pay attention, say your name
Listen closely and keep warm.
Gentle hands, you are brave,
Look at me and carry on.
All is good, I love you.
You can hear me, you can call.
Sing your song with ease and pride.
I'll be there, not far behind.

Tell them I walked (x3)
Tell them I walked your way (x3)
Tell them I walked (x5)
Tell them I walked your way

Anoushka (album)

Anoushka is the debut album of Indian sitar player Anoushka Shankar, released in 1998. The pieces begin with a slow introduction of fluid rhythms (alap or aochar) and build in a crescendo to a spirited display of virtuosity with tabla accompaniment. Four of the album's five themes are based on ragas adapted by Ravi Shankar.